The library of the Red Crescent Society for the Gaza Strip is a public library in the main center (Dr. Haidar Abdul Shafi Center) in Gaza City opposite Al-Azhar University in Gaza - Jamal Abdel Nasser Street.

The library is one of the first public libraries in the Gaza Strip that provides free services to all categories of beneficiaries and for all ages. It works to raise awareness and disseminate cultural thought. It opens daily except Friday from 8 am to 3 pm.  Subscription to the library and membership of a subcription fee enables the subscriber to borrow books and return later.

Library History:

In 1972, the President of the Red Crescent Society of the Gaza Strip Dr. Haidar Abdul Shafi expressed his desire and wish to establish a public library in Gaza City serving all categories and segments of society. The library staff has an active role in spreading cultural awareness within the library through: The technical procedures in the library, which include the process of classification and indexing of scientific materials {and the introduction of data on the program Winisis and computerization of these materials} in order to facilitate access to information to researchers quickly and effortlessly and provide excellent services to researchers and students in local universities

Library Sections: The library has three sections: the public library, the children's library and the computer lab

A - Public library

The library preserves the intellectual production that represents the human and civilization heritage, and works to develop a conscious educated generation capable of assuming responsibility through the harmony of the individual in the general cultural framework in order to adapt  and improve activities. The number of books in the library hall is about 17429 books in Arabic and English and children's books (stories), and contains many master's and doctoral dissertations as well as daily newspapers.

The library administration is interested in holding seminars, courses and cultural activities in order to promote cultural awareness within the community to encourage the pioneers to get to the library, participate in activities and create a generation of readers, through coordination with the society and government schools as well as cultural centers and educational institutions.


B - Children's Library

Believing in the abilities and creativity of our children, we have tried to provide a supportive environment for the personality of our children and provide psychological security through which the child can express his ideas freely through his artistic and creative work and recreational activities.Examples of these activities are for children, drawing, coloring, story reading, storytelling, story making, cutting and pasting and multiple entertainment, creative writing, summarizing stories.

It is implemented with the children under the supervision of the library staff. There are some activities in partnership with the Tamer Foundation such as Abi's campaign, Read to Me, The National Reading Week, the Story Discussion, “I donated a Book” and networking with many institutions and schools benefited  the adult education program to take their hands in the way of science and knowledge.


C- Computer lab

The Computer Center of the Sheikh Ahmed Zaki Al Yamani Cultural Center was established in the Red Crescent Society for the Gaza Strip in 2003, serving a wide range of students and providing them with free introductory courses in computer science. The lab was upgraded in 2017 with funding from the Foundation for Cooperation in partnership with the Tamer Institute for Community Education.


Library audience

Visitors come to the library from all over the Gaza Strip, where dozens of visitors a day come to read, search and are allowed to borrow up to 3 books for the most interested. The library addresses all the readers' tastes with different sections and valuable references.