Women's health and family planning

In response to the Association's vision and objectives of improving and regulating the reproductive health of Palestinian women and meeting the needs of women for educational, psychological and social health services, and to contribute to reducing the mortality rate among children and mothers during pregnancy and after childbirth.  The Society's Women's Health Center has been active through its many activities and services in an effort to reach these goals.

The following services are offered to ladies:

  1. Pregnancy Clinic: A routine follow-up for women, such as general examination and imaging of the fetus Ultrasound and the work of laboratory tests needed.
  2. Family Planning Clinic: Provide various services such as counseling and various family planning methods such as birth control pills, the installation of different IUD and condoms, and are followed by women through ultrasound and laboratory tests.
  3. Clinic of Gynecological Diseases: The check-up on women and the work of ultrasound and provide treatment for them.
  4. Guidance and Health Education: Women are invited to the Department of Women's Health Center d. Haidar Abdul Shafi through the seminars of health education group or individual within the Center, and outside the center through home visits to them, in addition to the work of external education sessions in various associations and clubs.
  5. Psychological Counseling: Provides for women attending the center support and psychological counseling collectively or individually as needed, and be conducted IQ tests for children on demand and  as needed.