The Women's Health Center is one of the centers of the Red Crescent Society for the Gaza Strip, established in 1999. It is a therapeutic, consultative, sports and educational center run by a team specializing in reproductive, psychological, social and legal health.


Vision: The Center seeks to excel in improving reproductive health, empowering women and advocating for their rights to play an active and influential role in building a better Palestinian society with values ​​of justice, equality and gender-based partnership.


Mission: The Women's Health Center is a women's reproductive health center in Jabaliya camp through therapeutic, counseling, sports, psychological, social, and legal counseling programs to build a healthy, healthy, psychologically and socially healthy family. In addition to educational and awareness programs aimed at empowering women and activating their role in society.



  • Contribute to the promotion of reproductive health by improving the psychological, health and legal situation.
  • Contribute to the promotion of women's preventive health by reducing the incidence of reproductive healthrelated diseases such as breast and uterine cancer.
  • Improve the physical health of women through physical activity and fitness.
  • Contribute to combating violence against women and empowering women and promoting their rights.
  • Promote women's culture and awareness of their status and role. And support their decisionmaking capacity and industry.
  • Contribute to increasing the sensitivity of the community towards the issues, needs and rights of women.

The Center seeks to achieve its objectives through the following departments and projects:


1- Health clinic The clinic monitors women throughout their lives, provides family planning services, pregnancy follow-up, infertility treatment, and sexually transmitted diseases. The clinic has state-of-the-art ultrasound equipment, an advanced laboratory that provides medical analysis, and a pharmacy that supplies women with medicines and vitamins.

2- The Department of Sports and Physical Therapy Provides sports services in the field of fitness and weight-loss exercises, pregnant and postnatal exercises. It also provides physiotherapy and consulting services. The section has a modern and sophisticated sauna.

3. The Counseling Section (psycho-social-legal) It is one of the important sections in the center, which provides the following services individually and collectively:

  • Psychological Counseling Services
  • Social extension services
  • Legal counseling and support services.
  • Services to promote men's participation in supporting women towards healthy reproductive health.
  • Marriage and family counseling

4- Community Education Department The department offers various activities including seminars, workshops, meetings, cultural courses and awareness of women in reproductive health, rights, violence, capacity development, decision making, interaction and positive participation in society, and building a healthy family. The staff of the department also visits the field of educational awareness and guidance variety


5. Safe space for girls and women Is a space dedicated to women and girls where they feel safe and physical and have the freedom to express themselves without fear of prejudice or prejudice against them and to allow them without discrimination or violence.

Area objectives

  • Socializing and rebuilding social networks.
  • Access to health, social, psychological and legal support.
  • The acquisition of scientific and manual skills as desired (embroidery, crochet, wool, character and arts, knitting, cleaning materials, recycling of household waste, life skills)
  • Access to safe and competent services to respond to situations of genderbased violence.
  • Access to information on issues relating to women's rights, health and services.

6. The Bilasan Center for the Empowerment of Girls with Intellectual Disabilities was established in 2017. The program focuses on issues related to health, education, and rights.

Key objectives

  • Empowerment of girls with intellectual disabilities to their right to education
  • Improving their access to reproductive health and preventive and curative health services
  • Increase the ability of girls with intellectual disabilities and their families to claim their rights to enhance their ability to live their lives with dignity
  • To contribute to raising awareness among civil society organizations and the local community about the rights and needs of persons with disabilities.
  • Leadership and empowerment of women and girls.

Activities of the center of Albilasan

1- Professional skills: The girls are provided with special skills in the work and vocational training and the names of the tools used in the training and their integration into the team to be transferred to the workshops later after graduation from the center for the purpose of training and economic empowerment, especially girls with short and medium disability greater than 12 years if their ability to train.

2- Occupational Therapy: Is a special program to train girls in daily life skills, including self-care, personal hygiene and simple housework to reach girls with the highest degree of independence in their job performance and reduce dependence on others.

 3 - Educational skills:  Girls with intellectual mental disabilities can learn basic academic skills. Simple mental disability classes can teach primary school skills if necessary and appropriate training methods are available and stay here relatively or practically, not in all subjects.


Our Address:

Gaza - Jabaliya Camp - Shuhadaa Roundabout - Next to Nassar Library


Phone: 08-2473833 - Fax: 08/2473832


Working days: The center provides daily services from 8 am to 2 pm for ladies. From 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm for men, except on Friday in the Jabalya refugee camp and the governorate.